sovrn and Temnos to Deliver Smarter Online Ads

BOULDER, Colo. and SAN FRANCISCO – July 22, 2014 — Sovrn Holdings, Inc., advocate of and partner to almost 20,000 publishers across the independent web, today announced it is partnering with Temnos, a leading content analytics company, to analyze, filter and organize millions of pages of content across Sovrn’s network. Using the Temnos Content Intelligence Platform, Sovrn will be able to deliver highly targeted content and more relevant online ads, giving publishers more opportunities to monetize their content and marketers the ability to maximize reach, performance and brand awareness. […]

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The Summer Essentials: Refreshing Recipes, DIY Project Ideas and Plenty of Tunes to Go Around

summer cocktail

Summer is in full effect here in Boulder, CO. Climbers are climbing, yogis are yoga-ing, runners are running, barbequers are barbecuing — everyone is doing something! In addition to all the physical activities, I’ve been trying my hand at new recipes (both food & drink), DIY projects and listening to as much new music as […]

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Publisher Spotlight: The Handmade Home

Publisher Spotlight The Handmade Home

You can find Jamin and Ashley Mills most days over at as the voices and inspiration behind the Handmade Home, where they share their life, DIY spirit, inspiration and humor. The two met as college sweethearts at Auburn University where they began their love affair tinkering with projects that turned them into full-fledged “Do-it-yourselvers”. Along they […]

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Why Are CPM Rates for Ads Falling?

We’ve been working with thousands of online publishers for the better part of a decade, and over that time I’ve been asked a lot of things. Each time I’ve answered their questions candidly and forthrightly. Most of the questions have to do with how they can make more money to effectively monetize their hard work. When it comes to advertising, here are some of the most common questions we get and some answers to consider: […]

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Right Now, There's Nothing More American than Tim Howard

This week, our Friday post is a day early! This week is all about “Murica” and using hashtags like #ibelieve and #ThingsTimHowardCanSave. Nothing wrong with a little patriotism. While the links below might seem random, just think about the image you see above — Tim Howard, America’s greatest son (at least for the duration of […]

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