Did You Know? 5 Crazy Facts About Viewability Ad Recall

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Our friends at Integral Ad Science, in partnership with Cadreon and IPG Media Lab, recently conducted a report on viewability that is shaking up the way ad tech industry folks think about benchmarking viewability and its effects on consumer ad recall. The generally accepted — though sometimes contested — viewability standards for advertisements as provided […]

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Getting Started with Viewability

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It’s no secret that viewability is one of the industry’s biggest buzzwords as of late. This shift away from served impressions towards viewable-based transactions is poised to change the entire online advertising landscape. We’re here to teach you the ins and outs of viewability, why it’s important and how to get started. Understanding Viewability Viewability is […]

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When Ad Blocking and Header Bidding Converge, We All Win

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A long time ago, I spent some time editing a small newspaper. I remember it like a scene from a movie; late nights at the printers with layout sheets, cutting and pasting blocks of text to fit the page, adding pictures, headlines, ads. Each of these assets was gathered in advance and ready to be […]

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