Digital Privacy is Good for Advertisers

Sovrn Digital Privacy is Good

On May 7, Google announced new privacy features for Chrome. These changes were not unexpected. Ever since Safari began blocking third-party cookies by default in late 2017, industry pundits have predicted this move—and with it, doom and gloom for advertisers leveraging programmatic technologies. We don’t subscribe to this point of view. In fact, we see […]

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7 Ways to Optimize Ad Viewability

sovrn ad viewability example

Viewable ads are key to maximizing stable site revenue. Advertisers want viewable inventory, and in recent weeks we’ve talked about how //Signal can help you take advantage of that inventory to boost your revenue by up to 26%. This week, we’ll discuss how you can optimize ad viewability, and give yourself the best chance at […]

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How //Signal Makes the Internet Better

ad quality image

Advertising dollars don’t accurately reflect the value of engaging content. If you produce good content and a good user experience, you attract loyal, interested users. Loyal, interested users encourage the production of more great content. That’s the feedback loop that drives the exchange of information on the internet. The problem is that publishers only see […]

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The bad guys are getting better. So are we.

white ops adtech sovrn

We’re proud to announce that we’ve added the power of White Ops fraud protection to our programmatic exchange. At Sovrn, we’ve always been industry leaders in the fight against fraud. We’re one of two exchanges specializing in display to achieve TAG Platinum status for certification against fraud, piracy, malware, and inventory quality. Our invalid traffic […]

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Reload, don’t refresh

blog signal sovrn smart ads reload adtech

Recently, we covered some of the well-deserved reasons that old ad refresh tools have a bad reputation. Today, we’ll explore a few of the ways //Signal differs from these out-of-date products. //Signal is not an auto-refresh One of the questions we get the most is “Doesn’t Google Ad Manager already refresh ads?” Well, sort of. […]

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