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Does Your Ad Experience Drive User Engagement or Encourage Bounces?


  Digital advertising is a critical revenue stream that allows publishers to provide their users with quality, up-to-date and engaging content. With ever-increasing digital advertising standards, it’s important for publishers to keep the user experience in mind when making decisions regarding online advertising strategies. We’ve all had a bad user experience with a website littered […]

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Is Your DFP Setup Preventing You from Increasing Revenue?


  One of the services we offer publishers is end to end management of ad stacks so they can focus on creating content, and we can apply our AdOps expertise to increase yield and revenue. However, optimizing DFP ad servers is critical for doing programmatic advertising well, and we often come across settings that have […]

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My Website Was Cloned! What Should I Do?

Brand Safety

Recently, Sovrn discovered that a website owned and operated by one of our publishers had been cloned. The cloned site exactly mirrored the legitimate site’s layout and design, but it had porn-related links, images, and content. To our knowledge, nothing like this had previously happened to a publisher in our network, so we took quick […]

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