Leveraging sales by merchant with the Commerce dashboard

Sovrn Publisher Advocate // April 8, 2020

How to understand Commerce sales by merchant

In addition to understanding your RPM (revenue per thousand pageviews), one of the most powerful insights the Commerce dashboard gives you is the ability to see your sales by merchant. This information will tell you what’s performing and what’s not, and can help guide your eCommerce strategy.

Of course, you should always post links to merchants your readers like, because they’ll respond better to those links. When you click the Sales box at the top of your dashboard chart, the lower half of the dashboard will reflect your Sales by Merchant.

Sales by merchant in the Commerce dashboard

In this area, you can see how all of the merchants you send traffic to are performing. You can use this information to decide where you’d like to send your readers. It also can help spark content creation inspiration. If you see a merchant performing particularly well, you can create content around that brand. 

Don’t forget: our Optimize tool helps you achieve this automatically, by directing your links to the merchant that will pay you the highest rate.

You can also sort sales by merchandise. Here, you can also see the actual product that was sold. Not every merchant provides this level of detail, but this can also be helpful when deciding what to promote.

Leveraging the power of your dashboard is the key to understanding your readers and creating content they enjoy. These tools can help your editorial team create content more quickly, and can also help you optimize your revenue.

If you haven’t already, now is the ideal time to sign up for Commerce. As the importance of diversified revenue streams grows, implementing a native eCommerce strategy can help take the edge off of market volatility. As always, our Support team is on hand to help out.

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