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How To: Create Ad Tags in Meridian

sovrnmarketing // February 17, 2015

Create Ad Tags in Meridian

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Outlined below is your guide on how to create ad tags and set price floors in meridian. meridian is Sovrn’s publisher platform built to provide real-time analytics and allow publishers to make better-informed decisions about their website monetization. Through meridian, publishers gain unique audience insights, in-depth first party data on their ad tag performance, and personalized, downloadable reports.

Create Ad Tag 

Step 1

In meridian, click on the “Tools” tab in the left sidebar

Step 3

Click on the “Ad Tags” tab

Step 4

Click on the yellow “Create Ad Tag” button

ad tags

Step 5

From here you can name the tag, select the type and select a size

Step 6

Optionally, you can set a price floor and input a passback tag

Step 7

When you are done, click on the yellow “Save Changes” button

ad tags

Once your new tag is created, it will be sent directly to our Ad Operations Team who will align all current demand partners. This process may take up to 48 hours, so we ask that you remain patient as we finalize your tags.

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