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How to Find and Report Bad Ads

sovrnmarketing // March 11, 2016

At Sovrn we strive to provide clean, high-quality ads to our publishers. However, occasionally bad ads do slip through and have to be removed.

If you encounter an unwanted ad on your website, report it to your account manager by taking a screenshot of the ad code and creative. Here’s how to do so:

  1. Hover your mouse over the bad ad. Right-click on the ad and select “Inspect”.
  2. In “Elements”, search “[sovrn]” by using ctrl+F (PC) or command+F (Mac).
  3. When you find the Sovrn code, which will begin with “[sovrn] Banner”, take a screenshot of both the code and the creative as shown below. Before sending the screenshot, be sure that the zone ID corresponds to the correct ad unit as listed in meridian. The zone ID is the number listed directly after “[sovrn] Banner”, which in this example is “270995”.
  4. Send the screenshot and the page URL to your account manager.

Pro tip: How to Determine if Sovrn or Another Network is Serving the Bad Ad
If you want to check if the bad ad is being served by sovrn, check the campaign ID. The campaign ID is the last number in the Sovrn Javascript tag. In this example, the campaign ID is “2617”.

<!– [sovrn] Banner (270995 / a_270995_aaec0859a3cb43b69269fc8dff3a8adf / 75596 / 2617) –>
If the campaign ID is any number besides “232”, it means Sovrn served the impression. However, if the campaign ID reads “232”, that means Sovrn did not fill that impression and we passed back to the next ad partner in your ad stack.
To receive these instructions in PDF form, click here

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