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Get Sovrn Started in 8 Quick Steps

sovrnmarketing // July 10, 2015

Let’s Get Started!
Welcome to the Sovrn network of independent and influential publishers! We’re here to help you thrive in the independent web.
Now, let’s get set up so that you can start earning money. We have good news for you – this will be easy and fast. Typical set up time for 3 ad tags on meridian takes 15 minutes.
Set up your Ad Tags
What’s an ad tag you ask? Good Question! Ad tags are little pieces of java code you insert onto your website to place ads on your site. The code is generated automatically when you create a new ad tag in meridian.
Step 1
Login to
From your landing page, click the Tools tab: getting started for bloggers
Step 2
Click Ad Tags on the main navigation bar getting started for bloggers
Step 3
Then click Create Ad Tag
Getting Started
Step 4
Now enter your ad tag Name, Type, and Size in boxes 1 – 3. You can optionally set a Floor Price and Passback Tag in boxes 4 and 6. To maximize the fill rate of your ad zones, we recommended keeping the floor price at $0.00. Typically, this is the best strategy for maximizing your revenue.
If you opt for a floor price, we recommend you select box 5 to let international ads ignore the floor price.
If Sovrn cannot fill your ad space, we’ll pass along the ad space to an ad provider you pick. Just place in the providers ad tag in box 6, Passback Tag.
Next, click Save Changes to save your ad tag set up in box 7.
Getting Started
Step 5
Once your new tag is saved, it’s time to install the tag code on your site. Click the install button for the tag you would like to add.
Get Started with
Step 6
To place the ad tag on your website template, click Copy to Clipboard. Your ad tag code will be copied to your computers clipboard.
Getting Started
Step 7
Now you’re ready to place the ad tag on your Content Management System (CMS). Click on your CMS below to get specific directions on how to add the Sovrn ad tag to your website. Paste the ad tag code from your clipboard into your website template – usually in a text box or ad widget.
WordPress – You will need a plugin to add ad tags. Here is a plugin option for your site.
Step 8
Stake Your Claim! Use meridian to track your earnings and ad performance, gain insights on your audience and find out how your site compares to other sites in your category. Now let’s get to work!
Need help? We’re here. Visit the help desk to for questions and to contact us directly.

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