How Sovrn Commerce makes influencer marketing easy

Sovrn Publisher Advocate // April 1, 2020

Influencers are feeling the effects of the current coronavirus pandemic along with everyone else, and they’re looking for ways to increase their revenue. Good news: influencers can benefit from link monetization with Sovrn Commerce just like any other publisher. Our tools make influencer marketing easy, and they give you the reach and flexibility you need to grow your business.


Our most popular influencer marketing tool is our our Commerce Anywhere product. Anywhere creates a product link that you can share on your favorite social networks and earn the highest commission rates possible. Anywhere links are hard-coded, so they don’t rely on JavaScript, which means they are perfect for sharing on your favorite social networks. It also means that you get access to all of the 60,000+ merchants in our network, just like you do on your website.

For example, many influencers only use a single affiliate program. However, that merchant often doesn’t offer the highest available commission rate for a product through their own network. When you use Commerce, you can ensure that the same products you’re linking to earn you the highest commission rate possible.


The best part is that you can create Anywhere links directly from your browser with our Chrome extension. It tells you when a product can be monetized, which merchants sell the product and what their commission rates are. It also shows you all the available coupon codes, and lets you copy them so that you can share with your readers. Just select the product, copy the auto-shortened link, and share it with your followers.

You can include your monetized Anywhere links in YouTube video descriptions, social profiles, and even Twitter posts.


Higher earnings are always better, and we’ve been focused on getting our influencers the highest possible commission since our founding. Our powerful Optimize tool does this for you automatically. When you build an optimized link, it directs your readers to the merchant that will pay you the highest commission available.

Simply put, Commerce is the perfect revenue tool for influencer marketing. Once you’ve started earning, our sophisticated dashboard gives you even more understanding of trending products and the best-performing merchants so that you can stay one step ahead.

It’s more important than ever to make sure you have strong, diversified revenue streams. Not only is it easy to earn with Commerce, it’s easy to get started

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