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How to Create and Install Ad Tags in Meridian

Here’s a quick step-by-step guide on how to create and install ad tags in Meridian. Let’s get started!

1. Sign into your Meridian account


creating sovrn ad tags2. Navigate to Tools

From your Meridian dashboard, navigate to Tools.

creating sovrn ad tags

3. Create ad tag

Once in your Tools dashboard, click on the yellow button at the top-right: Create Ad Tag.
creating sovrn ad tags
To maximize revenue while offering an optimal user experience, we recommend 6 or fewer ad tags per page on your website.

4. Name your ad tag, select the type and size

In the window that opens up after clicking Create Ad Tag above, name your ad tag. You can name your ad tag whatever you’d like, however, we recommend establishing a naming convention for the sake of organization. Example: Tag1_300x250_desktop.

Here, you also need to select the Ad Type and Ad Size.

creating sovrn ad tags

5. Select a floor price and input a passback tag

Note: this step is optional.

You can set a floor price to determine the minimum bid for CPM value of the ad being displayed in an ad tag on your site. Typically, the best strategy for maximizing your fill rate and revenue is to keep the price floor at $0.00. You can read more on how and why to use floor prices here but we’ll offer up a few quick suggestions:

  • If you have never earned revenue through ads before you should set it at max fill ($0.00).
  • For publishers who utilize ad chains, we recommend that you set the floor price roughly $0.20 below what that designated “level” in the chain should be earning.
  • Depending upon your traffic level, you could choose anything between $0.00 and $1.00, but remember, as the eCPM increases, fill rate decreases. Start low and build high, giving yourself about 3 days between adjustments to really see how they’re performing.

If you opt for a floor price, consider adding a passback tag, which is an ad tag from another online ad provider that gets used in the event Sovrn cannot fill your ad request. Sovrn will then pass along the ad space to the ad provider you picked. This is where you would place the provider’s ad tag.creating sovrn ad tags

6. Click save

Voila! Your ad tag is created. Now it will be sent directly to our Ad Operations Team to align all current demand partners. This process may take up to 48 hours, so we ask that you remain patient as your tags are finalized.creating sovrn ad tags

7. Install the ad tag on your site

Once your new tag is saved, it’s time to install the ad tag on your site by clicking the blue install button. Click the yellow Copy to Clipboard button to copy the ad tag code to your computer’s clipboard. You’re now ready to place the ad tag into your website template, usually a text box or ad widget. Check out this post for instructions on installing Sovrn ad tags on a WordPress site.

creating sovrn ad tags

creating sovrn ad tags

8. You’re done!

You can now begin to use your Meridian dashboard to keep track of how many ads were served and how much money you’ve made from your ads. You can view your total requests, impressions and earnings for a chosen date range. You also have the ability to see your average eCPM rate for US traffic and International traffic. The fill rate is the ratio of ad impressions to ad requests. For example, if your ad tag is called 100 times and we fill the ad 80 times, then your fill rate is 80%. This is an example of your dashboard when you are first starting out.
Get to work!

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