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There’s no doubt that the mobile revolution is shaking up online publishing, and more specifically, the way users are discovering and consuming content on the web. In fact, in the United States alone, mobile represents 71% of the total minutes spent online. And that number is even higher in other countries. Damn.

Because of this shift, formats like Facebook Instant Articles, Google AMP and Apple News have gained momentum in an effort to optimize the user experience on mobile, including improved load time, easy discoverability in organic search, and a streamlined content and ad experience.

Sounds cool, huh? But here’s the caveat: pushing out content in these formats can be complicated without the help of content publishing tools. We’ve heard from many publishers just how time consuming implementing current Facebook Instant Articles and Google AMP formatting can be.

Enter: Sovrn’s newest content publishing tool, Workbench. Workbench is your one-stop-shop for formatting, publishing and evaluating your content on the aforementioned mobile-optimized formats through a single WordPress plugin.

Facebook Instant Articles

Facebook Instant Articles are a new way to share your content on Facebook that is optimized for fast mobile performance, rich storytelling capabilities, branded design and customized visual display. As the name implies, Instant Articles are a stripped down version of your web content that load almost instantly inside the Facebook app.

Google AMP

Google Accelerated Mobile Pages, or Google AMP, is an initiative to improve the mobile web and enhance the distribution ecosystem. Accelerated Mobile Pages are built on an open source framework that formats the pages for speed, elegance and usability. They also support advertisements without slowing down a page’s load time.

Apple News

The Apple News format allows you to get your content in front of millions of Apple mobile and tablet users through the native Apple News app that is installed on all new iOS devices. Apple News articles look very similar to Google Accelerated Mobile Pages and Facebook Instant Articles, with streamlined text, bold image and videos and minimal styling. Apple News touts their interface as elegant, fast and engaging.

With Sovrn Workbench, you now have the easiest way to format and publish for these native mobile formats with a click of the button, right inside your WordPress site. Well, what are you waiting for?

Download the Workbench plugin today.

Amplify your mobile content with Workbench.

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