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Announcing the Sovrn Affiliate Program, Sovrn Ambassadors

Our goal at Sovrn is to empower independent publishers and help them diversify their income. Which is why we’re excited to roll out our new affiliate program, Sovrn Ambassadors!

About the Program:
So here’s how it works. If you’re an active Sovrn publisher, you refer a new publisher and we pay you 25% of that publisher’s ad revenue in the first 30 days.

And the best part? We will pay you up to $100,000 per referral, as long as the new publisher stays active for at least 90 days.

You can manage your entire Sovrn affiliate account in the Sovrn Ambassadors portal. There you can track social media shares, clicks, referrals, and commissions. We also offer a selection of display ads, which we recommend using in conjunction with affiliate links.

Here are our top three suggestions making the most of our affiliate program.

1. Deep link to maximize revenue.

New to deep linking? Deep linking means pointing all text and links in a post to the same webpage. In this case, that would mean pointing all texts and links using you unique referral link that will be provided to you in the Ambassador portal.

In addition to deep linking, we’ve also seen our publishers make more money by listing Sovrn affiliate revenue in their income reports.

 2. Promote on social media and track clicks and referrals.

Our portal makes it easy to get the word out. You can import email contacts, or share directly on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Then you can track the amount of clicks and referrals your social shares receive in our dashboard.

3. Use display ads in conjunction with affiliate links.

In addition to affiliate links, we also recommend using display ads. We have a variety of ad sizes for desktop (300×250, 336×280, 468×60, 728×90, 160×600, 120×600) as well as mobile (320×50 and 300×250).

No matter how you choose to spread the word, ALWAYS use your unique referral link. Also, make sure that anyone you refer using your unique referral link fills out the form on the linked page. That is how our team will make sure you get credit for every referral!

If you’re an active publisher with sovrn, receiving a monthly check, you’re already eligible. See this page for more specifics, and get started here!

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