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sovrnmarketing // April 20, 2018


There are a lot of resources out there covering all things GDPR! It is incredibly overwhelming. Publishers are often left with the question, “great, but what should I actually do about this?Here we provide you with an option to comply with the legislation & explain why this may be a good fit for you.

GDPR has outlined six different ways publishers can lawfully collect the data of EU residents. One, is by getting consent from the visitors that come to your site. If publishers decide their legal basis is consent, implementing a CMP could help easily accomplish this. Here’s what you need to know…

What is a CMP?
Pulled directly from the IAB FAQ, a CMP is “A company operating as a consent management platform, that can read and/or set the user’s consent status for the vendors chosen by a website operator (either publisher specific (through a first-party cookie) or global (through a third-party cookie). A CMP is not synonymous with a company that surfaces the user interface to a user (although it can be the same).”
Basically, a way to receive consent from the users visiting your website.

Do I need a CMP?
It depends. You first need to establish your legal basis to collect data on your users for the purpose of delivering targeted advertising. If you have a legal basis outside of consent, then you may not need to implement a CMP. If you use consent as your legal basis, and you still want to show data-rich ads, then you do need to use a CMP to first ask for users’ consent.

Where can I get one?  
There are a handful of companies that offer CMPs, including Sovrn. We suggest choosing a platform built off of the IAB framework as it is open source & most widely adopted.

This awesome Publisher Fact Sheet explains what the IAB framework is & why it’s a good way to go.

Why Sovrn?

Sovrn’s CMP checks all your boxes.
video ad tags Free to all Sovrn publishers
video ad tags Built off the IAB Framework 
video ad tags Implemented through one line of code developed to ensure no impact on page latency, for ease.
video ad tags sovrn.comMore options – easily configurable to the publisher’s preferences 

Need more detail? Here are the most frequently asked questions… 

What are the advantages of Sovrn’s CMP?

    • For one, it’s free! Any Sovrn customer who has signed our agreement and has a Meridian account can use our CMP. It’s easy to implement, and we’ll continue to build features that enable you to customize the setup according to your needs.

Can I use Sovrn’s CMP if I’m not a Sovrn Publisher? And how?

    • Sovrn’s CMP is only available to Sovrn publishers. If you’d like to become a Sovrn publisher you can sign up at

Does the Sovrn CMP give consent for all of my partners, or just for Sovrn?

    • The Sovrn CMP is built off of the IAB framework and allows you to customize the partners you list within the CMP. Any company that is registered as an IAB Vendor, can be pulled into our CMP.

Can I get consent for my first party data on my site?

    • Our CMP does not currently support gathering consent for vendors that aren’t part of the IAB Vendor list. We are looking into how we can incorporate this in future iterations to enable a full solution for the publisher.

When will the CMP be ready?

    • The CMP is ready now! Beginning next Tuesday, May 22, you can configure your settings and finalize the code. However, you won’t want to enable it until Thursday, May 24th.  

Do I need to update my Header Bidding wrapper or make any other changes to pass the consent string?

    • Yes, you need to be on Prebid version 1.0 or higher to enable the consent string to be passed. If you use our adaptor through open source Prebid or any other wrapper, it needs to be updated to 1.10 or higher.
    • If you use Sovrn’s Header Complete, we’re upgrading and have you covered! In addition, your code needs to be updated to look for the CMP. Reach out to to have that setup.

Will my page load behind the CMP?

    • Yes, all objects will load on your page behind the CMP. NOTE: this includes ad tags. For this reason, it is important to configure your Meridian account settings to serve dataless ads to EU readers until consent has been obtained via the CMP.

What about latency, will the CMP slow down my page load?

    • No, we load the CMP asynchronously and it won’t interfere with any other elements of your page that need to load.

Is the CMP responsive to different devices? Does it work on apps?

    • The CMP is responsive and will work on mobile web. It currently won’t work with apps.

OK, I want to use Sovrn’s CMP. How do I set it up?

    • Our CMP is deployed via Connect, the unified delivery tool we use for many of our products. If you have access to Connect, you can create a new content in your existing containers, just select “Consent Management Platform” from the dropdown and follow the instructions. If you don’t have Connect enabled on your Meridian account, reach out to and we’ll help you out.

What is a daisybit?

    • The Daisybit is information compressed into a binary value and passed throughout the online advertising ecosystem through the OpenRTB specification. The compressed information is referred to as the Consent String that is established through the CMP.

What is a stub?

    • The Stub (which is implemented alongside the onetag) serves as a failsafe, in case the CMP is not reachable.

Reach out to if you are interested in getting this implemented on your site.

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