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Sovrn Publisher Advocate // March 21, 2018

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Would you like to get your Sovrn invoices paid faster?
At Sovrn, we pride ourselves on paying publishers net 30 while other exchanges make you wait as many as 90 days to get paid. Long payment terms for receivables significantly impede cash flow and can stymie publisher growth, directly impacting your ability to make critical investments that are essential for managing and sustaining a healthy business.

We’re here to help! You now have the choice to get your Sovrn invoice paid in a few days following the close of the month. We apply a small discount to qualifying invoices and you get paid. That’s it! Email David Weber for more information.

Would you like to get your other vendor invoices paid faster too?
We can do that! If your AR includes receivables from our list of qualifying vendors, we will buy it and apply a small discount aligned to the payment terms of the vendor. It’s that simple. Sovrn will handle all collections and assume the repayment risk.  All you need to do is sign a simple agreement with flexible terms. You get paid in days and there are no up-front, monthly or punitive fees.

Sovrn wants to partner with you to successfully grow your business and get the money you need to create original content and expand your audience.  If you’re interested in learning what this would look like for your business, email David Weber for more information.
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