Meridian by Sovrn: Real-time Analytics, for Real

sovrnmarketing // March 5, 2015

For as long as Sovrn has been in the game, we’ve been working vigorously to help publishers in any way we can. For the last few years, we’ve been working on creating an analytics platform built specifically for influential publishers of the Independent Web. We collect an enormous amount of data every day, and we’re finally putting it to use in a beautifully-designed, easy-to-use and genuinely informative publisher platform. We’re calling it Meridian. Feel free to take a look. You never know, it might be just the thing you were looking for.
sovrn unveils meridian platform for publishers
Meridian was built to help publishers grow their influence by allowing them to focus on what they do best, creating awesome content. Meridian offers: a fresh, user-friendly interface with real-time data visualizations; improved ad management tools and performance metrics; vertical comparisons for benchmarking performance; audience demographics and reader insights; an expanding library of publisher tools and 3rd party integrations; integrated content from our Publisher Resource Center; and personalized support from our Publisher Advocate Team. Meridian is the first and only cooperative data-driven platform for independent publishers that shows them areas where they are strong and where then can improve. Meridian exposes comparative, real-time metrics that allow publishers to properly benchmark their site(s) with their peers in 25 IAB vertical categories.
The Meridian insights serve as crucial reference points publishers can use to measure, learn, and improve. Publishers can use Meridian to manage and optimize ad tags, track revenue performance, compare site metrics to other sites in their category, gain unique insights into their audience segments and access the best publisher tools and resources from around the web.
Meridian features detailed, individual advertising performance metrics on a site-by-site, and zone-by-zone basis along with clear trending information. Inside the platform publishers will see detailed audience segmentation detailing the advertiser-driven values and characteristics of readers visiting their sites. In addition to advertising management and optimization, Sovrn’s Meridian boasts easy to understand reporting and user-friendly data visualization. Publishers see their earnings in real-time. Payments to publishers happen faster than any other system, in virtually every currency, and in every major payment mechanism.

“Sovrn’s mission is to champion an ecosystem where independent and influential publishers can thrive. We are empowering publishers through data, helping them grow, improve and make more money. I’m most excited about the comparative details and audience segmentation available to publishers. For the first time ever, publishers can finally understand how they compare and contrast to their peer group and how marketers value their readership.”   – Walter Knapp, CEO, Sovrn

“Sovrn’s publisher platform is bringing insights together in a single platform unlike any other advertising or metrics provider.,” said Lark Dunham, Senior Director of Publisher Products at Sovrn. “With Sovrn’s Meridian platform, publishers are able to do much more than create, manage and monitor ad tag performance. We’re helping publishers monetize and optimize in real-time.”
Meridian is now in open beta and available to all publishers.  You can check it out here. Near-term integration of additional third party data sources and expanding Meridian capabilities for enhanced audience segmentation, social sharing analytics and deeper site traffic analysis are all under development.

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