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We Have A Floor For Viewability — Do We Need A Ceiling Too?

Sovrn Advertising Team // July 23, 2018


It has been interesting discussing the ramifications of digital display possibly moving toward time-based metrics. Rather than just paying for advertising that meets the IAB UK or MRC standard of 50% pixels for a second (two seconds for video), many agree that campaigns will be based around time.

The idea would be that advertisers would pay for, say, an eight or ten-second view — and perhaps longer — and would be charged less if the engagement did not last that long. Alternatively, advertisers could buy a set amount of time and have each ad contribute to it. For example, brand x went for one hundred hours of exposure — to pluck a figure out of the air — each ad that appears for longer than, say, eight or ten seconds would count toward that final figure.

The news this morning coincided with an interesting talk I just had with Andy Evans, CMO at Sovrn. He developed technology several years ago to tell whether someone was actively engaging with a page, so publishers could prove to advertisers that someone was there to be advertised to on in a unit that was in view. The technology can also count up how long an ad remains in view by looking for signs of activity. The technology basically looks for signs that someone is still in the same tab and engaged with the content by looking for signs of activity.


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