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Ad Viewability Hits A Record High – That’s Good, Right?

sovrnmarketing // April 23, 2018

With reports that viewability is at a record high, research published by Sovrn Holdings tells a different story. On the one hand, we have a report from Meetrics this morning revealing that it is at a record high. On the other, we have research from publishing ad-tech firm Sovrn that suggests it is overrated as a metric and can mean advertisers forget about below-the-fold ads that can have nine times more engagement than those above.

However, just consider this. Sovrn is saying viewability relies upon too much as a metric steering budget holders where to invest. The problem is, this leads to premium websites being hotly contested while many others in the longer tail of content can be left behind. The theory is that these sites are often the hobbyist and specialist publishers, rather than the national newspapers and major magazines. That means advertisers end up going for generalist interest, rather than focussed, more lean-forward hobbyist interest.

Sovrn’s research suggests that many viewable banners may well be in windows that are opened but never viewed or on pages that are immediately navigated away from.


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