Audience on Tap Deals

These self-serve, always-on deals are
available through 9 DSPs

IAB Segments

Intent and behavioral segments
crunch data 250M+ pageviews/day

Custom Segments

Created based on real-time
behavior and content consumed

Sovrn Indexes

Rated for high viewability
and high engagement

Learn How Our Data Team Creates Audiences


Three New Audiences On Tap


Car Lovers

This audience intends to drive a new car in 2016. They’re checking out auto reviews, looking at models that are class standouts and starting their shopping process.

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Sports Enthusiasts

Whether they are on a team or pounding the pavement alone, these fitness lovers are all about competition.

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These ladies are avid fashion trend followers. They have to have the latest and greatest items that fit their unique flair and make a statement.

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Audience on Tap Deals

Meet The Sovrn Modeling Platform

The Sovrn Modeling Platform is our analytical, large-scale, data-pulling, number-crunching weaponry that optimizes your audience targets and campaign performance — daily.

In short: it's the fastest way to see the complete picture of user behavior and intent on the internet.


We re-evaluate and rank data, gather new information, focus on very recent cookies and user IDs to guarantee more accurate audience segments for you — every day.

Best-in-class recency

Get updated audience and campaign insight within 24 hours or less for best-in-class recency

More Yoga Journal, less Wall Street Journal

Benefit from first-party data from thousands of the best independent publishers on the web

Smart targeting

Behold the power of contextual modeling to develop highly responsive audiences

Quality and viewability

Stop fretting over fraud when working with a top-ranked supplier in Pixalate’s seller trust rankings with viewability measurement available for audience media packages

Delivery via Deal ID

Bundle and deliver your audiences with media and through Deal ID

And here’s our “Fraud Sucks” PSA

Because fraud sucks, we’re a certified viewability partner with Integral Ad Science’s Viewability Program enabling our demand partners to obtain a discrepancy-free viewability measurement. Viewability can also be bundled with our audience segments.

Sovrn is a top-ranked supplier, with all scores above 95, in Pixalate’s Seller Trust rankings for fraud, masking and malware.

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