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OpenRTB integrations with
9 DSP partners

Easy targeting

Pre-packaged segments
are easy to select

Best in class

Segments are updated
every 24 hours

Easy targeting

Sovrn Deals are self-serve
and always-on

The High Viewability audience featuring RealVu gives global media buyers the quick and easy ability to select engaged readers on sites that meet or exceed premium buyer’s viewability requirements. These highly viewable ad placements include Onscroll, Realvu validated and other highly viewable ad units and placements that meet or exceed the MRC viewability standard.


Sovrn Audience On Tap Deals

Audience on Tap segments are available programmatically through OpenRTB integrations with 9 DSP partners.

Self-serve, always-on deal partner providers:

  • BidSwitch
  • Centro
  • Netmining
  • MediaMath
  • Doubleclick

Require Buyer ID:

  • Appnexus
  • Index Exchange
  • TradeDesk

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