Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG) and JICWEBS Certifications

One of only a select few to be 3rd party audited for all 4 TAG programs by BPA Worldwide

Certified Against Fraud

IQG Certified

Certified Against Piracy

Certified Against Malware

JICWEBS Anti-Fraud and Brand Safety Certified audited by ABC

Top 5 in Pixalate’s Global Seller Trust Index

Ads.txt is an initiative driven by the IAB Tech Lab that helps publishers declare who is authorized to sell their inventory. This helps prevent profit from counterfeit and/or fraudulent inventory.

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Publisher Approval Process

We utilize a rigorous 25 step process to vet every domain that applies to join our portfolio. Here are just a few of the items we look at:

  • Human Double VerificationEvery domain that applies to join our exchange is verified not by one but TWO ad operation specialists.
  • Bot TrafficWe leverage our third-party anti-fraud vendors (including IAS, ForensiQ, and Pixalate) as well as internal reporting to identify suspicious activity and protect against bot threats.
  • Copied ContentAs a third-party-audited, TAG Certified Against Piracy company, we check every site to ensure only original content is displayed next to your ads.
  • Quality ContentWe believe in supporting content creators and aim to work with the best quality mid- and long-tail sites on the web.
  • LanguageWe only approve sites in languages that our operations team can understand, which prevents ads from serving alongside inappropriate content.
  • Ad ClutterSites with excessive ads per page are not approved to join Sovrn.
  • Safe for WorkWe scan all of our sites for NSFW content so you can trust that your ads are appearing next to brand-safe content.

Integral Ad Science
delivers brand protection, ad verification, and ad viewability data

provides transparency in programmatic advertising

shows greater insight and traffic data on any site or app

flags plagiarism

gives comprehensive domain-related information

fights ad fraud

blocks bots and web scrapers

To learn more about our Ads.txt roll out
Safety, Transparency and Trust
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