The Publisher’s Guide to eCommerce: Report Download

What’s New in Publishing (WNiP) is proud to present The Publisher’s Guide to eCommerce, a special insight report sponsored by Sovrn and written by regular WNiP contributor and University of Oregon Journalism Professor, Damian Radcliffe.  

eCommerce offers publishers the chance to create spin-off businesses, license their brand(s), work with commercial partners and develop new financial - and editorial - propositions. 

From BuzzFeed to POPSUGAR, Marie Claire UK, through to Dennis Publishing, Future Publishing, Culture Trip, South Africa based Associated Media Publishing, The New York Times owned Wirecutter, and many more, this new report offers a series of valuable case studies highlighting how publishers around the world are embracing eCommerce.

The report is designed to offer inspiration and insight for publishers keen to know more about the eCommerce space, and its potential relevance to them.

Produced by What's New in Publishing and written by Damian Radcliffe.
ponsored by Sovrn.

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