//Signal turns FantasyPros’
peak season into peak profitability

C A S E  S T U D Y

12% more overall revenue, from every demand partner.

The customer: FantasyPros

FantasyPros is one of the largest fantasy football websites, with more than 150 million monthly pageviews during football season. Their audience is engaged and devoted, and their dwell time is high.

//Signal brings extra value to our inventory. The user is engaged, viewability is nearly 100%, and that’s what really attracted us to //Signal. 

Lucas Reller, Head of Advertising Operations at FantasyPros

The problem

FantasyPros needed a solution that would let them increase their revenue during peak earning season without negatively impacting their users, hurting their long-term business health, or requiring a lot of development work.

FantasyPros weren't being rewarded for their high dwell time and high user engagement. Their users are loyal and passionate, and FantasyPros wanted to capitalize on this.

The Solution

Enter //Signal, our intelligent tracking technology that measures 45 unique reader engagement markers. Once a reader is sufficiently engaged, //Signal is able to trigger a 100% user-initiated reload that creates new inventory from existing ad units.

Because //Signal also measures ad viewability, these new ads are always viewable. Plus, it creates no added latency, so user experience is unaffected.

While //Signal is already a powerful tool when used to reload Sovrn demand, FantasyPros opted to use //Signal to reload all of their demand partners. This gives them the ability to reload ads across their entire demand stack for added revenue potential.

FantasyPros Revenue

Adjusted publisher data, showing advertising revenue through Sovrn before and after implementing //Signal.

The results

//Signal increased Sovrn demand revenue 9.7x

Within a few months of implementing //Signal, FantasyPros increased their Sovrn demand revenue nearly tenfold—and increased overall performance from all of their demand partners by 12%. //Signal boosted their impressions and their ad viewability, all while maintaining high CPMs.

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Always Viewable

//Signal only reloads ads when they’re 50%+ viewable.

By creating 11% of new 'viewable' inventory, //Signal was able to increase FantasyPros’ entire site viewability by 7%. Increased viewability translates to sustainable revenue—it gives publishers like FantasyPros the ability to access better campaigns and additional demand spend. This allowed them to get even more value out of their peak season.

Over the course of this year, we’ve been really focusing on increasing viewability. //Signal has helped us immensely in reaching that goal without hurting our other KPIs.

Lucas Reller, Head of Advertising Operations at FantasyPros

Reload ad zones and increase revenue across your entire demand stack 

By working with Sovrn to leverage //Signal across their entire demand stack, FantasyPros increased ad revenue through Sovrn, as well as through their other programmatic partners. And this story isn’t over yet—with the help of //Signal, FantasyPros continues to increase viewability and create additional opportunities for all partners to bid on high-quality, engaged readers.

That deserves a victory dance.  

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Unfortunately, most solutions—such as out-of-date, time-based ad refresh products—are cumbersome, create a poor user experience, and can end up hurting revenue

                                                    in the long term by delivering decreasing CPMs and poor viewability scores. Earnings suffer, and so do demand relationships.

in the long term by delivering decreasing CPMs and poor viewability scores. Earnings suffer, and so do demand relationships.

Power to the publisher.