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Ad Ops Professionals

Sovrn partners with some of the best and biggest sites in the world.

Our header bidding solution is one of the most widely used in the industry, and we offer actual human support to make sure your needs are met.

Benefits of using Sovrn

  • Flexibility – top, bottom, bookended – we work well anywhere in your ad stack.
  • Meridian – our intuitive publisher dashboard offers real-time reporting.
  • Dedicated support – our committed account management and support engineering teams are here to help you.
  • Unparalleled demand – we are plugged into the industry’s top DSPs, meaning you reach the audience you want.

Tips for getting started

  • Have a tight deadline?
    We get things done fast, and can build your header bidding solution within 72 hours. To learn which of our header bidding solutions is right for you, see our header suite.
  • Need a fast header bidder?
    Our header bidding solution is one of the fastest in the industry. Learn more here.
  • Have questions about ad ops or header bidding?
    Check out our Support and Header Bidding forms in Sovrn Community

Quick tips to optimize performance

  • Start with standard IAB sizes.
    At Sovrn, our best-performing display ad sizes are 728×90, 300×250, and 160×600, and on mobile, 320×50. Here is our ad size guide.
  • Use 10 or fewer header bidding partners.
    We recommending using no more than 10 header bidding partners to avoid page latency.
  • Use the Headerbid Expert Chrome Extension.
    Learn how fast your header bidders are with Headerbid Exerpt.

Sovrn for Ad Ops Professionals

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What publishers are saying

“From a revenue share of voice, Sovrn is definitely top three in our header bidding stack. With Sovrn, revenue per visit increased by 5% on average. You guys definitely bring premium CPMs and make our overall header auction extremely competitive, which we love.”

- AJ Okereke, Header of Revenue Technology, Graphiq

What publishers are saying

“We’re really pleased with our decision to work with Sovrn. They helped us realize the benefits of header bidding while minimizing the work involved on our end. Sovrn has always been publisher-centric, and they demonstrated that again in the way that they worked with us.”

- Danny Khatib, Founder & COO,
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