Sovrn for

Independent Publishers

Sovrn is the perfect fit for independent publishers of all shapes and sizes.

Whether you specialize in food, fashion, or finance, Sovrn can help you monetize your passion.

Benefits of using Sovrn

  • No exclusivity or contracts – work with any ad partner you wish.
  • On-time payment every 30 days – we pay net-30 with a minimum payout of only $25.
  • No minimum page view limit –  we work with sites of all sizes.
  • Dedicated support – we have a team that is here to help you.

Tips for getting started

  • Using AdSense?
    No problem, we work well with AdSense. Read more about how to use Sovrn and AdSense together here.
  • Want to block certain sites?
    We can do that! If you want to block a certain advertiser, let our support team know here.
  • Have a specific question?
    Feel free to ask a question in our publisher forum, Community, or check out our resource library, Learn. You can also contact us directly here.
  • Need a primer on digital advertising?
    Check out our digital advertising glossary.

Quick tips to optimize performance

  • Start with standard IAB sizes.
    At Sovrn, our best-performing display ad sizes are 728×90, 300×250, and 160×600 and on mobile, 320×50. To learn more, check out our ad size guide.
  • Consider lowering your price floor.
    We recommend setting a price floor $0.50 below the CPM you are targeting.
  • Use a maximum of five ad tags per page.
    For optimal performance and maximum page speed, use no more than five tags per page.

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What publishers are saying

“What seems obvious in the business world is not easily found these days, as Sovrn provides… quality ad choices customized to the publisher’s content, the fastest payouts of any of my partners, and sincere customer service, literally, the kind where you can talk to a person!"

- Fae Naderi,

What publishers are saying

"Meridian is so user friendly. The real-time, concise metrics make it easy to navigate through my entire dashboard and keep track of my earnings. It is so organized and neat. Many other platforms I've used have been over complicated and difficult to navigate. Sovrn has been very supportive, knowledgeable and friendly."

- Sally McKenney,

What publishers are saying

“All of my interactions with Sovrn have been very helpful and positive. Our Account Manager is very prompt in his responses and he answers questions with the exact information I need. For me, I know when I contact him he’ll answer any questions or complications I have. I’m very happy with what Sovrn has done thus far with”

- Cedric Phillips, Media Manager for
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