Checklist for Publishers

New to Sovrn?

Here’s a handy checklist to make sure you’re off to a good start.

Onboarding Checklist

  • Create a Meridian account
  • Input your payment information
  • Hold tight for a site approval confirmation email
  • Create ad tags
  • Set a price floor
  • Install a passback tag
  • Paste the ad tag into your site
  • Check ad performance in Meridian
  • Sign up for Sovrn Community, our publisher forum

1. Create a Meridian account
Create a Meridian account here.

2. Input your payment information
While creating your account, input your payment information.

3. Hold tight for site approval confirmation email
We take ad quality seriously and have one of the most trusted networks around. Once you submit your site, an actual human on our ad ops team individually vets each site for fraud, adult content, duplicate content and more. Our ad ops team will send you a status email within 72 hours. Thanks for your for your patience!

4. Create ad tags
Once your site has been approved, you can create tags in Meridian. To create ad tags in Meridian, head to Tools >> Ad Tags >> Create Tags.

Here you can choose to create mobile, video, or display tags, as well as the size of the ad you want to use. Here is the Sovrn Ad Size Guide.

5. Set a price floor
A price floor is a fixed CPM rate that prevents an ad partner from serving campaigns that pay below a certain price threshold. For example, if you set your price floor to $1, the ad partner can’t serve any campaigns with CPM rates below that amount.

To change a price floor, log in to Meridian, then click Tools >> Ad Tags. To change the price floor of an existing tag, click the ‘Edit tag’ icon. We generally recommend setting a price floor $0.50 below the CPM you are targeting.

6. Install a passback
If you set a price floor, we strongly recommend inputting passback tags. A passback tag is an ad tag that you received from any other online ad provider that you work with. It is used in the event that Sovrn cannot fill your ad request.

You can input passback tags in Meridian, under Tools >> Ad Tags >> Create Tags >> Passback Tag. See this article to learn how to pass back from Sovrn to AdSense. You can also use this article to pass back to any other network.

AdSense works particularly well as a passback for Sovrn. To learn how to pass back from Sovrn to AdSense, see this video.

Still need help? Watch this video.

7. Copy the tag and paste it into your site
Now you’re ready to paste the ad tag into your Content Management System (CMS), such as WordPress or Squarespace. Learn how to install Sovrn ad tags in WordPress here.

Keep in mind the ad tag may take up to 24 hours to start filling.

8. Check ad performance in Meridian
Congrats! You’re now making money with Sovrn. To check ad performance, click ‘Earnings’ in the sidebar. Here you can check the performance of each tag in terms of CPM, fill rate, overall earnings, and more.

9. Sign up for Sovrn Community, our discussion forum.
Head to Sovrn Community to sign up for our publisher forum. In Sovrn Community you can ask questions, troubleshoot, and network with other publishers.

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