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Adding images to your post is a piece of cake!

Add photos to your blog post by simply choosing the image you wish to use from the recommendations, and drag & drop it into exactly the place within your blog post you wish for it to go!

To remove the image, simply click on it again from your sidebar, and we take it away! Or you can also select the image in the editor and press the delete button.

Sovrn makes replacing the photos a snap! By selecting the new image you wish you use, and simply dragging it over to your text editor, and dropping it over the previous photo you wish to replace!


Choose to receive content suggestions from your own personal selections, or discover brand new content by choosing from All Sources/My Selection.

By default, Sovrn will automatically search our hundreds of thousands of well known, top media sources for the most relevant photos, blog posts and related links. Want Sovrn to become more personal? By selecting My Sources, we will only suggest to you content from the personal sources you list in your My Sources preferences.

You can set your personal content sources by visiting your preferences page located at the upper right hand corner of the Sovrn widget.

Scroll down towards the bottom of the preferences page, & open up the My Sources categories. From there, you should see the option to add additional blogs to pull related articles from.


Add context to your post, and help boost your blog distribution, by choosing to link to other related blog posts, written by Sovrn users like you!

We index over 10,000 top media sources and quality blogs of our users and find you the most relevant related stories possible. And simply by using the Sovrn plug-in, your blog posts and content will then be available for others to link to as well!

Want Sovrn to suggest related articles, from your own content? By entering in your RSS feed URLs into your Sovrn preferences, our recommendation engine will search through your personal feeds for relevant articles to suggest. You can identify content from personal sources by looking for the little orange guy in the top right hand corner.

To link your personal RSS feeds, simply head over to your Sovrn preferences page, and in the area located under the My Sources section, and enter in your RSS feed URL.


Do you want Sovrn to get more personal?

Head over to your preferences by clicking on the gear icon on the bottom right hand corner of the Sovrn widget. From here you can edit your content sources, configure your image formats, turn off parts of the widget, plus much much more! Share with us your personal sources, and Sovrn will pull suggestions from your unique content and suggested related information that is custom tailored for you!

  • Add your unique RSS feeds for suggested articles brought to you from your personal sources
  • Turn off parts of the widgets you don’t need so you can focus on what you do
  • Decide how images get included into your posts (left or right aligned)
  • Choose for readers to open links in a new window or the same one

We also offer all sorts of additional reader enhancements as well, to help you spice up your blog, and expose yourself more to the blogging network!


Adding hyperlinks is easy peasy lemon squeezy with Sovrn’s single-click link suggestions

As you write your blog post, Sovrn picks out which people and terms are important in the text, and shows you link recommendations to include. And in one click, instantly inserts the hyperlink. All that’s left for you to do is choose from the drop down menu the source you would like to link to. No more copy-pasting embed codes, or scouring the web hunting down URLs.

Choose to link to one of our many sources such as; IMDB, Amazon.com, Wikipedia, and many more. Or choose from your own personal network by entering your social network contacts into your preferences.


If you’re not finding the right content from Sovrn’s recommendations, try refining your results.

Not finding the right content from our suggestions? No worries, refine your results by using the Search bar to find relevant content to perfectly suit your blog post. The search option is not a ‘classic search’ as it still takes into account your body of text, but it also allows you to specify a term that the Sovrn recommendation engine should keep an eye out for while suggesting content.


Adding tags/labels to your blog post can be a chore. Let Sovrn give you a hand!

As you write your blog post, Sovrn is behind the scenes, analyzing your text, and picking up the most important keywords. These keywords are then translated into your suggested tags/labels. We take out the hard work by making it one click away to be added to your blog tags/labels input field.

Adding tags/labels to your post not only makes it easier for your readers to navigate through your blog archives, but it also helps you boost your SEO ranking by giving search engines more ways to find your content.

Anything else

How do Image Settings work?

Image settings appear right after you insert an image into your post. Right now they enable you to:

  • change alignment (left, right, center)
  • change or remove the caption
  • see more information about the image on the source page

More features will be added gradually. If there are some you are really passionate about, drop us a line at ea-support@sovrn.com


    Feel free to ask questions in Sovrn Community.

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