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For this episode we were asked, “How can I maximize CPMs over the holidays?”

So we asked our data scientists to report on last holiday’s CPMs. We found that CPMs started to increase in October and started to drop in mid-December. Based on last year and this year’s CPM data, we’re estimating a 19% CPM increase for our publishers over the holidays.

So let’s talk three ways to maximize CPMs this holiday season. You can find out about additional strategies in our 2015 Holiday Income Guide.

  1. Set a higher price floor than usual, in order to capitalize on the season’s top campaigns.
  2. Make sure your site is mobile responsive. Mobile will account for 51.9% of all digital ad spend in 2015, so prepare your site to take advantage of lucrative mobile campaigns.
  3. Optimize your ad stack before the holiday rush. The more attention you pay to which ad partners are making the most money, the more you’ll be able to take of advantage of Q4’s high CPMs.

These are three of the many strategies you can find in our 2015 Holiday Income Guide.

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