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#QOTD – How many above vs. below the fold zones do you have? What’s the difference between CPM ATF & BTF ads?

Ashley and Maggie, two Sovrn Publisher Advocates talk through the difference between CPM rates for above-the-fold (ATF) and below-the-fold (BTF) display advertisement placements. Above-the-fold ads are more prevalent than below-the-fold ads because they are almost guaranteed an impression every time the page loads. Yet, below-the-fold ads add to your overall site revenue because if you’re creating  unique and engaging content, your readers will scroll down the page to see more of it. While you don’t want to clutter your page with aggressive ad placements, you do want to have up to 5 or 6 ad zones per page to make sure you’re generating the most revenue from your display advertising efforts as possible. You can work with your Sovrn Publisher Advocate to finalize on a price floor strategy, but be sure to keep an eye on the number of ads on your page. Too many ads on a page will actually decrease the CPM and Fill Rates you’ll see per ad zone. Find out what the average difference between CPM rates  sovrn Publishers yield in their above-the-fold vs. below-the-fold ads to help you plan your website monetization strategy.

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