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Outstream advertising provides video revenue without the need for publisher video content. Advertisers love them because they are in-view ads, meaning they load when they are at least 50% in view of the reader. Publishers love them because they give readers control of their video watching experience; controlling play and pause as well as audio.

Where To Place Outstream Video Ads

These high-quality video advertisements can be placed within any ad location; on the corner of the page, within the content of a written article or above the comments. For your initial test, place the Sovrn Outstream ad within your site’s template, above the comments section. The comments section is an area many readers scroll down to read and spend time on. Because of the high-traffic, high in-view location, it’s a optimal placement for an in-view outstream ad.

We recommend one outstream ad per page to keep a quality user experience for your readers and ensure high ad engagement.

How To Set Up Your Price Floor

Outstream ads are valued by advertisers for their high engagement and high viewability. Since advertisers are willing to pay more for these ads, CPM’s are typically higher than display or mobile. The high CPM’s cause Publishers to initially set up high price floors, yet when ramping up these ads, the high price floors reduce the quantity of advertisers bidding for your inventory and results in decreasing fill and overall revenue. To obtain high CPM’s and at the same time maximize fill and revenue, we recommend testing with a low price floor such as $1.00 and then increasing after establishing fill and CPM benchmarks. Depending on your test cycles, price floors can be adjusted every two weeks.

Consult with your Sovrn Account Manager, Publisher Advocate or contact Sovrn Support to set up and optimize your price floors.

How To Measure Success

The metrics to measure outstream ad performance are just like any other ad type; CPM, fill, eCPM and overall revenue by ad zone and audience. Since outstream video loads cross-device, it’s important to measure the key performance metric across devices. Next, compare your outstream metrics to other ad units that have the same or similar ad placement. For instance, we’ve seen that outstream ad units have a higher CPM in mobile that other types of ad units.

How To Optimize for Success

If fill is low, lower your price floors by 25 cents and measure the change in fill and CPM. If CPM is low yet fill high, increase your price floors by 25 cents and measure the change in fill and CPM.

Test out different placements on your page to balance your viewer retention rate and the revenue you are making from your unit. For instance, try placing the unit above your comments section at first, let it run for a week or so, and then try moving the unit to mid-article to compare performance.


If things look off with your unit, make sure you write down what you are seeing and send an email to Sovrn Support.

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