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This article is part of our header bidding series. This series includes information on our header code, header adaptor, pre-bid auction API, DFP setup and header auction workflow. 


    1. For publishers who use DFP, line items must be created to match the desired degree of price precision. For example, $10.00 – $0.50 at intervals of $0.01.
      1. Add a custom targeting parameter for real price (ex: rp) with possible values matching all line item prices and apply to the corresponding line item.
      2. Insert creative for the line item to get creative from the adm field in the bid response, appropriate to the given ad placement.

In the Sovrn Meridian platform, create or request ad tags to match the sizes of the placements on the target pages.


    1. Add the Sovrn beacon call to the head of the web page
    2. Generate Bid Request for Sovrn Auction API
      1. OpenRTB 2.2 compliant JSON object
      2. Include publisher impression IDs, Sovrn Ad Tag Ids, height and width for each placement
    3. Send URL-encoded Bid Request to Sovrn Auction API with a requested callback functional.
      1. Use HTTP GET
      2. Use the br parameter for the bid request
      3. Use the callback parameter for the callback function
    4. sovrn returns a Bid Response with any bids available for each requested placement
      1. The price field contains the price paid to the publisher
      2. The adm field contains the URL-encoded ad creative
      3. The nurl field contains the impression pixel
    5. Use the callback function to evaluate the price for each placement
    6. Compare prices and select the winner for each placement
    7. If using DFP, for each winner use DFP’s .setTargeting function to target the corresponding line item
      1. If using enhanced dynamic allocation, DFP will check to see if AdX can beat the line item
      2. f not, the creative code from the line item is served to the page by DFP
    8. The creative code is loaded into the placement and extracts the adm and nurl from the bid response item matching the placement id
      1. The adm works best when written to an iframe
      2. The nurl url is set as an image
    9. The ad is loaded and the impression pixel logs the impression

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