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This article is part of our header bidding series. This series includes information on our header code, header adaptor, pre-bid auction API, DFP setup and header auction workflow. 

Setting up enough Line Items to get value from your Header Bidding installation doesn’t have to be daunting. The following recipe creates one order with 100 line items separated by $0.10 increments. The great news is that these line items can apply to all ad sizes and requires only one shared creative. Let’s get started!Header Bidding

1. Create new ad units (or use existing ad units) for each ad unit on your page

    1. For new Ad Units go to Inventory > Ad Units > Ad Units > New Ad Unit
    2. Enter these fields (all others leave as default)
      • Code – Ex: Header_Bidding_1_300x250
      • Size – Fixed size
      • Enter one or more sizes – Ex: 300×250
      • Target window – _blank

2. Create a new placement (or use an existing placement)

      1. For a new placement go to Inventory > Ad Units > Placements > New Placement
      2. Enter these fields
        • Name – ex: Header_Bidding_Placement_1
        • Assigned Inventory – one for each ad unit on your page

3. Create a new order (Delivery > Order) and with it, list your First Line Item. These fields are required:

  • Name – Ex: Header Bidding #1
  • Advertiser (Choose from existing or create new) – sovrn
  • Trafficker – your email address
  • Line Item
  • Name – Ex: Header Bidding #1 – $0.10
  • Inventory Sizes (Standard) – From the dropdown select all the ad sizes you will fill on your page. Ex: 300×250,728×90,160×600
  • Type – Price priority
  • Start Time – Immediately
  • End Time – Unlimited
  • Limit – None
  • Rate – $0.10 (starting price for your line items)
  • Display creatives – As many as possible
  • Rotate creatives – Evenly
  • Inventory (Include the placement from Step 2 above) – Ex: Header_Bidding_Placement_1 Key-values – Select a key “hb_pb” and enter value “0.10”
  • Save this line item.

4. Add Creative for header bidding

    1. Go to Delivery > Creatives
    2. Select Add Creatives
    3. Select Advertiser – sovrn
    4. Select Third Party and enter the required fields:

              Name – Ex: Header_Bidding_Creative_1
              Code Snippet (exactly as is below) –

      1. <script>
          1. try{ window.top.pbjs.renderAd(document,‘%%PATTERN:hb_adid%%’); } catch(e) {/*ignore*/}
          1. </script>

                Target ad unit size – 1×1 (allows this creative to serve on all sizes)

                Save this creative.

5. Attach Creative to the Line Item

  1. Open the Line Item you just created
  2. Select the Creatives tab
  3. For each size select use existing creatives
  4. Disable filtering by selecting Show All
  5. Include the 1×1 Creative created above.
  6. Click on the Name of the creative once it appears in the table
  7. Choose the Settings tab
  8. For Size overrides select all the available sizes for the Line Item

Save the creative.

6. Copy the Creative for each ad unit to be Filled by the Line Item

    1. Open the Line Item you just created
    2. Go to the Creatives Tab
    3. Select the check box next to your new Creative
    4. Select More Actions > Copy Creative
    5. Repeat until you have enough Creatives to match the number of ad units you will be filling
    6. Rename the Creatives accordingly

7. Duplicate and rename Line Items

  1. Go to the Order you created in Step 3.
  2. Check the box next to your rst line item and select More Actions > Copy and share creatives
  3. You now have two identical line items. Select both and copy them in the same manner for 4 line items.
  4. Select all and repeat until you have 64 line items
  5. Now you need 36 more line items. Select 18 line items and copy those.
  6. You have a total of 100 line items
  7. From this point forward there is some repetition involved but fortunately DFP allows for changes right from the Dashboard view
      1. Sort your Line Items by name – the first item in the table should be your first Line Item Created
      2. Click on the Edit icon and change the Name of the 2nd Line Item to your next $0.10 increment. Ex: Header Bidding #1 – $0.20
      3. Start Time defaults to 12:00 AM on the next day for copied items. If you want to use it right away, click on the Edit icon and change to a date and time in the near future.
      4. Change Rate to your next incremental CPM value. Ex: $0.20.
      5. Finally, click on Targeting. The Targeting Editor will open. Change the hb_pb value to the rate for this line item. Ex: placement=(“ Header_Bidding_Placement_1 “) AND custom=(“hb_pb=0.20”)
      6. Save the row.

8. DFP Line Items are now ready for use in header bidding

When the Header Code gets a bid back for one of your ad units, the DFP Targeting function will automatically target the Line Item with the price bucket nearest to the actual price. When the actual price is $3.45, your $3.40 price bucket will be targeted and your $3.40 Line Item will serve the ad creative to the page.

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