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Introducing the Sovrn Header Suite:  Your one-stop-shop for all things Header Bidding.

The Sovrn Header Suite provides publishers with different options for taking advantage of Header Bidding. Through the Sovrn Header Suite, publishers will have access to the following packages:

  • Header API:  For publishers with a custom Header Bidding implementation using their own mediation layer or Google DFP.
  • Header Adaptor:  Adaptor for prebid.js open source project.
  • Header Code:  Code you can generate right from meridian and paste directly onto your site.
  • Header Complete:  A fully optimized product available in January 2016.

    In case you need a reminder on how Header Bidding works, here’s a brief illustration. Essentially, Header Bidding reinvents the way your ad partners bid on your inventory. Instead of implementing price floors based on estimates, Header Bidding forces your ad partners to bid against each other at the same time. Header Bidding uses real bid prices from your ad partners and serves the creative associated with the highest bid.




If you have any questions about Header Bidding, or the Sovrn Header Suite, please email headersuite@sovrn.com for more information about which offering might be right for you.

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