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This article is part of our header bidding series. This series includes information on our header code, header adaptor, pre-bid auction API, DFP setup and header auction workflow. 

The Sovrn Header API follows the OpenRTB 2.2 specifications. All required fields to be completed by the publisher are noted below. Additional required fields in OpenRTB 2.2 bid requests are added by Sovrn before sending into sovrn’s RTB auction.Header Bidding

Test URL: http://adintegration.lijit.com/rtb/bid

Production URL: http://ap.lijit.com/rtb/bid

PROTOCOL: GET Query Parameters

Query Parameters

callback: This “callback” parameter is the name of the function that will be called with response data as the input. In other words this parameter sets the value of the JSONP callback function.

br: This “br” parameter is the URI encoded form of JSON bid request. Sample Bid Request with Required Fields


Sample Bid Request with Required Fields

{ “id”: “publisher-supplied-request-id”, //required  field
  “imp”: //required  field, array of impression requests

[ {“id”: “publisher-supplied-impression-id-1”, //required field “banner”: { //required field

      “w”: 300,
      “h”: 250
    “tagid”: “9999998”, //zone id  //required  field this value is setup for a publisher by sovrn
    “bidfloor”: 0.5 //optional field, overrides the preconfigured value in publisher ad tag.

{“id”: “publisher-supplied-impression-id-2”, “banner”: { //required field

      “w”: 160,
      “h”: 600
    “tagid”: “9999999” //zone id //required field this value is setup for a publisher by us

],} “site”: {

    “domain”: “sovrn.com”, // publisher domain //required  field
  } “page”: “/path/to/content?content=content”


Example URL-Encoded Bid Request

http://ap.lijit.com/rtb/bid?callback=processResponse&br=%7B%22id%22%3A%22publisher-supplied-re-quest-id%22%2C%22imp%22%3A%5B%7B%22id%22%3A%22publisher-supplied-impression-id-1%22%2C%22ban- ner%22%3A%7B%22w%22%3A300%2C%22h%22%3A250%7D%2C%22tagid%22%3A%229999998%22%7D%2C%7B%22id%22% 3A%22publisher-supplied-impression-id-2%22%2C%22banner%22%3A%7B%22w%22%3A160%2C%22h%22%3A600%7 D%2C%22tagid%22%3A%229999999%22%7D%5D%2C%22site%22%3A%7B%22domain%22%3A%22sovrn.com%22%7D%7D


Bid Response

The publisher will extract the price, adm and nurl from each impression and use it to evaluate the bid.

price: value in CPM of the bid. Used to evaluate the bid against competing offers and for publishers using DFP to set targeting criteria.

adm: Ad creative. To be added to the ad placement on a win.
nurl: Noti cation URL. Must be triggered with the ad placement in order to log the impression.


Sample Bid Response

  “id” : “publisher-supplied-request-id”,
  “seatbid” : [ {
    “bid” : [ {
      “id” : “a_282676_9c53ff48afd04f4d9158a6afc70ad62c”,
      “impid” : “publisher-supplied-impression-id-1”,
      “price” : 1.0,
      “nurl” : “http://adintegration.lijit.com/www/delivery/lg.php?bannerid=52432&cam-
      “adm” : “<script type=\”text/javascript\” src=\”http://adserver.com/creative1”></script>”
    }, {
      “id” : “a_299047_0b8820c84a504f989fa7c3f5d5caab01”,
      “impid” : “publisher-supplied-impression-id-2”,
      “price” : 1.0,
      “nurl” : “http://adintegration.lijit.com/www/delivery/lg.php?bannerid=91433&cam-
      “adm” : “<script type=\”text/javascript\” src=\”http://adserver.com/creative2”></script>”

}] }]



Beacon Call

The beacon call is a separate call which should be inserted in the header to help fill rate and CPM for the pre-bid auction.

URL: http://gslbeacon.lijit.com/beacon


Required Parameters

viewId: SOVRN_USERNAME]_auction_api
rand: [RANDOM_4_DIGIT_NUMBER] Ex: Math.floor(9e3 * Math.random())

type: fpads
v: 1.2

sovrn will provide the Informer ID and Username to use.


Example Beacon Call

type=fpads&loc= atironchef.com&v=1.2

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