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This article is part of our header bidding series. This series includes information on our header code, header adaptor, pre-bid auction API, DFP setup and header auction workflow. 

Installation of the Sovrn Header Code is as easy as selecting a few of your ad tags in meridian and entering the DFP slot IDs and Div IDs where they will be competing for your inventory.Header Bidding


You will need a Sovrn account with at least one approved site and some Sovrn Ad Tags. Any domain you wish to serve ads on via the Prebid Adapter will need to be whitelisted by sovrn. This process typically takes about 1 business day. To whitelist a site:

  1. In Meridian, go to Account > Site Settings > Add a Site
  2. Enter your site name and category and submit.
  3. While approvals typically take about a business day, they may take longer over weekends or holidays.
  4. DFP Line Items setup according to the guide

Header Adaptor

 Generate & Install the Code

  1. In meridian, go to Tools > All Publisher Tools > Header Suite
  2. Select up to 10 Ad Tags to request bids from Sovrn in the Head of your page (or click on the link to create new ones to use)
  3. For each selected ad input the corresponding slot IDs and div IDs from your on page DFP code
  4. Choose your desired interval. This should correspond to the interval you have configured your DFP line items for.
  5. Click “Get Install Code”
  6. You will need to paste the minified JavaScript into the <head> of your page
  7. If you are using the Header Code to compete against a DFP waterfall, ensure that other calls for <script type=”text/javascript” src=”//www.googletagservices.com/tag/js/gpt.js” /> are removed or commented out. The Header Code will implement this gpt.js call such that all other ad slots defined will continue to function normally.
  8. Use the returned Creative code in each DFP Line Item as the code snippet (Note: this was probably already done in the DFP Line Item setup phase)

Header Bidding

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