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The Best Way to Monetize Your Content


More demand for your site

The Sovrn ad exchange is plugged into almost a million advertisers across the globe to help you boost competition for your inventory with relevant, high quality, high CPM ads.


More real-time insights

Meridian shows you what to tweak to improve your ad revenue. And with Unified Reporting, you see all partner performance in one dashboard so you know more with less effort.


More options for success

Monetize your users no matter where they are. Build out your revenue strategy beyond display advertising with easy options for mobile, header bidding and Viewability.


More money, faster

We’ll cut you a check every 30 days (that’s faster than anyone else) and there are no strings attached. Become a Sovrn Ambassador and boost your bottom line by referring your friends.

Be an Ambassador

Sovrn publishers get complete, actionable information on their inventory’s performance.

Meridian gives you the data to understand the true value of your audience. If there’s unrealized opportunity, Meridian will help you find it. Now you’re in control.

Target CPMs based on where you need to add value to your chain

Meridian gives you the control and precision to optimize performance and hit your revenue goals.

Maximize your revenue through our real-time bidding technology

We own, operate and built our own ad exchange technology from the ground up. Our engineers are constantly working to ensure the best impact for publishers.

Diversify your revenue with display, mobile, header bidding and viewable advertising solutions

Experiment with a variety of display, In Stream header bidding, mobile and viewable ad units.

Inform your decisions with powerful analytics

Keep it simple or go deep with Unified Reporting and insights in Meridian.

Integrate Sovrn tags into your current stack

Our tags work best when they have some company. Add Sovrn tags to your waterfall to increase fill and cash in high CPMs.

Getting Started is Free and Easy

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  3. Install your add tags by pasting code on your website or inside of your ad server
  4. That’s it! Sit back and watch the money roll in, or roll up your sleeves and start tweaking your setup

Need some help along the way? Our actions speak for the support we show our publishers. We built a community with our publishers around troubleshooting, idea generation, and programmatic hacks. Tap into the community for help from fellow publishers and ad operations peeps, submit a ticket to our Support team, or reach out to your dedicated Account Manager at anytime.

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