Why Header Bidding?



Simultaneous bids from all
partners boosts inventory value

Increases competition
for inventory

More bidders means higher
CPMs and improved overall yield

response times

Decrease site latency
with faster bid responses

White glove

From API to copy/paste,
integration custom to your needs

Under the Hood: Header Bidding Works


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Meet the Header Suite


Header API

For publishers who already have a custom header bidding implementation mediating their bid results or are using DFP to settle auctions. The API affords the highest level of customization for publishers with a dedicated technical resource.


Header Adaptor

For publishers who want an adaptor for the Prebid.js open source code project. Adaptors for other mediation solutions are also available.


Header Code

Publishers who are using DFP to settle their header bidding auction can simply use sovrn’s meridian platform to create header bidding tags for use in DFP. This is the header bidding “easy button”.


Header Complete

And now for the total package: invoke all of your demand sources through one simple solution. Header Complete is easy to implement and includes mediation and third party integrations all inside the meridian platform.

Let Header Suite Do the Heavy Lifting

Whether you choose to try out Header Code for header bidding or move forward with a full integration with Header API, Header Suite will help you:

Reduce discrepancies.

Lower the likelihood of missed ad calls and inaccurate reporting with less back and forth between you and your ad partners.

Report accurately and promptly.

Record the actual price paid for every single impression with your optimized ad server.

Reduce on-going, manual work.

Invest in the upfront work for implementing header bidding so you can stop tweaking your ad stack to get results.

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