Beyond viewability

//Signal is more than industry-leading ad-reloading technology. It’s a way to increase the value of your inventory. It’s a way to improve your viewability scores. //Signal brings you a new, 100% additive revenue stream that better reflects the work you do to make the internet thrive.

A new standard in online advertising

//Signal measures actions such as mouse movements and page scrolls to determine when your readers are active. When it hits an engagement threshold it sends a signal that serves new, always-viewable advertisements. We’re always working to improve our products, and the //Signal of the near future will be able to do much more.

Easy to install, easy to license

//Signal is delivered through Sovrn //Connect, making it easy to install and easy to use. Updates are simple, there’s no added latency, and you never have to deal with coding headaches. It’s also free to use when Sovrn is the only demand partner, which means it’s always easy to start earning the rewards you deserve.

If you want more flexibility, you can license //Signal and leverage our technology across your full demand stack.

Earn more for every viewer

Move beyond viewability

//Signal only reloads ads when they’re viewable, making your inventory more valuable.

A class of its own

//Signal is leagues ahead of the competition, and we’re always looking towards new possibilities.

100% additive revenue

Earn more for every engaged reader. As your earnings go up, so do your viewability scores.

Fewer ads, more impact

Give your readers a better ad experience. Create new inventory from existing units, and earn more with fewer ads.

The rewards you deserve

We know that pageviews don’t always tell the whole story. //Signal rewards you for your hard work.

License for full flexibility

//Signal is free to use with Sovrn as the sole demand partner. Easily license our tech for full flexibility.

Start Earning With //Signal

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