See your ad provider performance in
one place without rifling through
multiple parnter dashboards.

Any and all ad
performance metrics

View and compare earnings, CPM, RPM
and fill rate across providers

set up

Give us two minutes and Unified
Reporting is up and running

Simplify Ad Ops Reporting with Unified Reporting


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Ready to start?

Close all of those extra tabs in your browser and streamline your workload with Unified Reporting.

Compare performance across ad providers

View and compare performance metrics for all your advertising providers - zone-by-zone - in one interface.

Access fast and flexible ad analytics

Real-time ad analytics help you make fact-based decisions to optimize your revenue.

Quickly see trends

Intuitive graphical reports allow you to quickly understand your data and act on trends.

Quick and easy setup

Hassle-free setup for headache-free ad performance reporting.

Unified Reporting Turns Data Paralysis into Analysis

In real time, Unified Reporting automates the manual grind of comparing data through CSV files and VLookups. Now you can make faster decisions, with a complete data set, to maximize ad revenue.


Most publishers partner with between three and ten advertising providers in order to increase competition for their inventory. While the yield improvements from a multi-partner waterfall are substantial, the extra reporting work involved is not so stellar.

Your time is best spent on analysis and action, not Excel gymnastics. That’s why we created Unified Reporting. In just two minutes of easy setup in Meridian, you can pipe all of your advertising performance metrics into our real-time interface and compare the KPIs that matter most.

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