Workbench automatically formats
your website content to load instantly
and display elegantly


Workbench publishes your content
to Google AMP, Facebook Instant Articles,
and Apple News to grow your traffic and
engage your readership


Workbench monetizes your mobile
content with fast, beautiful ads from
Sovrn, Facebook and iAd

Mobile is everything and everywhere. With Workbench, it's easy too.


The Latest in Distribution

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Broaden Your Readership and Enhance Your Content

Workbench automatically distributes and formats your content to the world’s leading mobile publishing technologies.


Google AMP
The Google Accelerated Mobile Pages project, or Google AMP, is an open source initiative aimed to improve users’ experience with mobile content. Accelerated Mobile Pages deliver a fast, seamless, and clean user experience on the mobile web. AMP also supports advertisements without slowing down a page’s load time.

Facebook Instant Articles
Instant Articles deliver users a faster, more immersive reading experience with your content on Facebook. Instant Articles delivers web content seamlessly by applying the same technology to display images and videos used in the Facebook app. Instant Articles support all styles of articles, from news stories to long form pieces.

Apple News
Apple News optimizes your content for all iOS devices. Much like AMP and Instant Articles, News articles ensure improved loading times, beautiful layouts, and a more immersive reading experience across any device. By publishing your articles on News, you can easily distribute your content to millions of Apple users.

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