“We were amazed with how quick and meaningful the revenue impact is. It’s empowering to be able to monetize our most engaged readers.”

Jan van der Crabben, CEO of Ancient History Encyclopedia

How does Sovrn OnScroll work?

We have 2 great options to empower you to monetize your readers:

Untitled-1Reload new creatives in existing placements after viewability and engagement metrics have been fulfilled
dfaTake advantage of unused white space on your site to display viewable ad impressions

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The Benefits

  • 100% Additive More ad opportunities resulting in 15-25%
    incremental revenue per page
  • Easy to Implement Customizable cut and paste solution
  • Maintain User Experience Seamlessly fits in reader experience
  • Premium CPMs, Higher Fill Highly viewable inventory with 20 second engagement translates into more premium ad spend from agencies and brands
  • Powered by VET Technology Proprietary technology for real-time
    engagement and viewability measurement
  • Flexible Solutions Solutions that fit your needs:
    • Maximize revenue on existing placements
    • Create incremental opportunities from untapped white space on your page


Want more information? Check out our blogs on viewability and engagement.

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