Stack it & rack it

Reduce your reliance on a single merchant, diversify your revenue opportunities, and empower your readers to choose which merchant to buy from.

Boost your affiliate revenue 🚀 

By giving consumers choice, you get higher conversion rates.
Which means more revenue for you.


Of shoppers compare
prices before buying


CTR Increase


EPC Increase

Easily add multiple offers, increasing clicks and conversions.

Automatically display alternative retailers

Identify an existing product URL or product keywords and display alternative retailers selling the same product.

Customizable design fits natively in your content

Easy-to-use templates make setting up display tables or in-text links fast and painless yet still provide flexibility for customization.

Quickly add images, change the text, colors, and more.

No need to update prices or remove links.

Automatically update out-of-stock links

Prices are updated throughout the day so out-of-stock items are automatically removed.

Increase Your Reach with Price & Merchant Comparisons

Learn how to empower your readers with the best shopping experience by offering multiple retailer options.

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  • Design flexibility you need
  • Add multiple offers
  • Increase clicks and conversion
  • Boost your revenue

Earn more revenue

By giving consumers choice, you get higher conversion rates which means more revenue for you.

Comparisons automatically added

Use javascript, API, or easily create comparisons yourself.

Localized prices & merchants

Your traffic is geo-located so comparisons are localized.