Flash video players aren’t going away completely, but HTML5 VPAID 2.0 is helping to hasten its demise. HTML5 VPAID gives publishers more flexibility to monetize ads across desktop and mobile at much faster speeds than Flash-based video and advertising.

Sovrn has coupled HTML5 VPAID with Sovrn’s Smart Waterfall which automatically prioritizes bids from partners who return lower amounts of VPAID errors. Contrary to their name, VPAID errors are usually not errors but advertisers taking advantage of publishers’ video inventory for their own gain.

HTML5 VPAID, coupled with Sovrn’s Smart Waterfall, is the continued evolution of giving publishers better advertising tools. With HTML5 VPAID support we are able to provide publishers a better, faster experience for their audience across whatever device they are using.

Sovrn’s HTML5 VPAID solution offers publishers a myriad of benefits and features including:

  • Easy installation, no complicated macros
  • Ad tag determines HTML5 or Flash video type
  • Real-time reporting and analytics
  • Self-service tag creation
  • Floor price control
  • Player size agnostic
  • Pre / Mid / & Post Roll capabilities


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