We are very excited to announce the latest Sovrn advertising technology, OnScroll!

At Sovrn, we believe that publishers who create engaging content should be able to monetize based on that engagement, rather than using a one-size-fits-all approach to monetization. Under the current model, a site which has on low user engagement and low page dwell time is rewarded the same as a site that nurtures engagement and dwell time.

OnScroll allows publishers to address this issue and monetize the full extent of the engaged users that they have nurtured on their site. It is a no-hassle, additive solution that provides more revenue per engaged visit by selling inventory based on user engagement instead of impressions alone. The OnScroll ad unit reloads new creatives in existing placements after viewability and engagement metrics have been fulfilled.

onscroll advertising technology

Here are just a few of the benefits:

Incremental Revenue

OnScroll ads translate into more impressions and revenue for publishers. Publishers who implement OnScroll serve 20% more impressions translating into an additive revenue lift of 15-25%.

Better Understand Your Readers

With comprehensive engagement analytics tools, OnScroll helps publishers better understand what content is effective, or not effective, in driving engagement in order to optimize future content.


Implementing OnScroll ads takes under 5 minutes with simple cut and paste implementation. The code works alongside existing systems including current header bidding and waterfall configurations and can be applied to any/all of existing ad zones.

Interested in getting started with OnScroll? Let one of our experts know.

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