In a constant effort to do more for our publishers, we will continue to provide new ad types and sizes so our publishers can get more value for their business.

Here’s an update on some of the new ad sizes that we released during the first half of 2016.

March Release

We’ve added a new ad size to our arsenal – the Billboard! We have two Billboard ad units, the 970×250 and the 970×90. Given their large size, Billboards are an ideal canvas for rich creatives such as video.

Here are some of the major benefits of using the Billboard ad size:

  1. The Billboard ad size spans the full width of the page.
  2. They’re ideal for videos and other rich media.
  3. Billboards typically garner high CPMs.

Billboard Ad Size

Unit NameUnit SizeUnit Type
Large Rectangle336×280Display
Standard Banner300×50Mobile


April Release

You asked, we answered. We received many requests for various ad units in the last few weeks, so we prioritized the following units based on publisher feedback.

Unit NameUnit SizeUnit Type
Skyscraper120 x 600Display
Vertical Medium160 x 90Display
Interstitial Portrait320 x 480Mobile
Tablet Landscape768 x 640Tablet

More ad unit options for display, mobile, tablet and video are always underway at Sovrn. We recommend continually testing new ad unit layouts to boost revenue, decrease latency and improve user experience on your website. Looking for a specific ad unit size from Sovrn that you are seeing here? Submit requests for new units at anytime to

Click below for full details on the Sovrn offering for Display, Mobile, and Video.
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