With our recent acquisition of in-view advertising company //Signal this April, Sovrn publishers now have access to powerful viewability technology. The new InView ad units leverage reader engagement and activity cues to serve creatives only when each unit is at least 51% in view.

The ads continue to create additional ad serving opportunities as long as the reader is engaged with site content, generating multiple impressions per pageview.

The //Signal units are available in all standard ad sizes. We have seen 30% yield increases from these ads when compared to standard ad units. InView ads can be completely additive to your current page layout without changing any of your existing ad zones.

The best way to get started is to implement one of the sticky InView ads into existing white space on your site, as shown below.

viewable ad unit sovrn.com
Start by adding Sovrn //Signal InView ad units into existing whitespace on your website for additive revenue without disrupting your existing ad layout.

Right now, the Sovrn //Signal units are being “soft launched”, as the technology has not been fully integrated into the Meridian platform. Tags must be cut and customized by our Ad Operations team.

In early Fall 2016, all Sovrn //Signal tags will be available for all publishers in Meridian. You will be able to create, configure and install InView tags on your site to increase viewability and revenue simultaneously.

To get Sovrn //Signal tags before the self-service launch this Fall, reach out to your Account Manager or send an email requesting //Signal InView ad tags publishersupport@sovrn.com

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