Sovrn Smart Waterfall pushes demand sources with low VPAID Errors down the waterfall and higher yield up to the top of the waterfall, increasing your overall revenue.

The VPAID spec defined by the IAB occurs when there is an event reserved for an ad error. There are many reasons for these errors, but over 90% are from advertisers that bid for an impression that do not fill.

The old way of dealing with this is having a waterfall prioritizing partners solely by CPM. The problem with this setup, besides the time-intense manual management, is the best CPM could end up having a higher error rate. Error rate drastically affects fill, yield, and user experience. 

We know there is a better way, which is why we developed a VPAID Error Optimization Engine to help crack down on VPAID errors and improve yield. At Sovrn, we leverage algorithms to properly weight your waterfall to increase revenue and deprioritize partners with high errors rates. These algorithms account for both CPM and VPAID error rates to deliver the best possible ad with the least amount of errors.

Sovrn Smart Waterfall Technology provides more fill, more yield, and decreased bounce rates for publishers.

For a more detailed explanation, watch the video below.

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