Sovrn Exclusive Inventory

Football fans with the flu on Black Friday? We have them!

We’ve made sure that our seasonal packages are ready for your next campaign. With our latest round of seasonal PMPs, Sovrn provides you with unique access to timely audiences across our portfolio of high-quality, brand-safe independent sites.

Sovrn’s Private Marketplace Team has selected the most engaged audiences and top performing domains to ensure that your advertising is seen at the right time in the right place.

What’s New with Sovrn?

PMP-Guaranteed and PMP-Preferred:

  • Buyers receive a guaranteed number of ad opportunities for their campaign
  • First look access to the inventory and true value of publisher impressions
  • Audience Sync for the right inventory and the right readers

*Contextual Deals based on the 23 Standard IAB Categories

Seasonal Deal Info

Our Seasonal Audiences and Contextual Deals target top trends that are in high demand.

Cold and Flu

  • Cold vs. Flu identification
  • Prevention and Remedies
  • 2017 Cold and Flu Season updates
  • Deal ID: svn_coldandflu

Football Fans

  • Fan Sites and Stats
  • Football Themed Recipes
  • Clothing (Fan Apparel, etc)
  • Football Updates and News
  • Deal ID: svnfootball

Black Friday

  • Consumer Reviews
  • Shopping
  • Toys, Gift Ideas, Popular Items
  • Contests, Giveaways, Coupons, Freebies
  • Deal ID: svnblkfri


  • Purely Contextual
  • Cookie based
  • Page Level targeting
  • Combination of all 3

Listed Deal IDs are Audience-based, purely contextual and page-level are also available. All seasonal deals are set at a CPM Floor of $2.50 and will be available within your preferred DSP.

Contact our Deal Team for custom set-up of Deal IDs:

Year-Round Access

Access to Sovrn’s always-on private marketplaces can be found within your DSP throughout the entire year.

All Sovrn Deals can be specifically targeted through a contextual site list and/or audience based cookie sync. Our Optimization Team will assist in scaling and troubleshooting efforts to ensure campaign success.

Sovrn continues to build a robust PMP library with uniquely curated packages that can be found within the top DSPs. By targeting our Always-On PMPs, Sovrn allows access to more scalable opportunities and unique inventory from a quality and brand safe publisher base.

See all of our current Deal IDs.

Read more about Sovrn’s 25-step quality review process.

*DSPs integrated with Sovrn’s PMP Deals include: Turn, Trade Desk, DBM, Bidswitch, MediaMath, Netmining,, Dstillery, and Sociomantic

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