Unified Reporting is a new feature that allows users to view and compare their AdSense and Sovrn ad performance data directly in the Meridian console. No more flipping between dashboards and excel files we’ve put all the data in one place!

Starting with Google Adsense, Sovrn aims to have more providers up and running in the next couple months.

Sovrn is working hard to integrate new providers and would love to hear feedback about which providers our publishers are most interested in seeing. Please send all provider requests to plondon@sovrn.com.

Here’s a quick step-by-step guide to getting set up!

Step 1 – Click on the Unified Reporting Tab

Step 1 Unified Reporting sovrn.com


Step 2 – Add Your AdSense Account

Step 2 Unified Reporting sovrn.com


Step 3 – Authorize meridian to access Adsense Data

Step 3 Unified Reporting sovrn.com


Step 4 – Integration Complete!

Step 4 Unified Reporting sovrn.com


For more information, visit our Unified Reporting page.
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