Viewable Engagement Time (VET) is a new technology that allows publishers to sell inventory based on engagement instead of impressions alone.

How does VET work?

Sovrn in-view ads only serve when at least 50% of the ad pixels are in the reader’s viewport for one second or more. Once the in-view ad is served, VET tracks 10+ user signals to determine where and how users are engaged on the page.

Each time the ad unit is in view for a predefined VET threshold, typically 20-30 seconds, a new ad is served.

By enabling VET, a publisher can serve multiple impressions per pageview for ad zones that are verified as in-view of an active reader.

Why try in-view ads with VET?

  • 100% additive revenue – add an in-view, VET-enabled unit into existing white space on your website or enable VET on already existing zones
  • Sticky feature – allows ad unit to “stick” in view as a reader scrolls along content, generating more Viewable Engaged Time and additional ad reload opportunities
  • Increase available inventory – multiply available impressions per zone without increasing pageviews
  • Boost viewability rate – the ad industry is moving towards viewable-only selling, so start boosting your viewability rate now
  • Premium CPMssell your viewable inventory at a premium to eager buyers
  • Beat ad clutter – make more money from your site without increasing the number of ads on your site
  • Monetize whitespace – try In View units with VET in existing white space on your website

One publisher in the VET beta program saw a lift of 56% in total revenue from one VET enabled zone and 51% increase in totally available inventory from that single zone.


You can try out VET today on any Sovrn display unit right inside of Meridian.


Here’s how to create your in-view ad tags:

  1. Log in to your Meridian account
  2. Go to Tools > Ad Tags and click on the Create New Ad Tag button
  3. Name your ad tag. We recommend including the ad size, “VET” and “sticky” (if selected) along with any other relevant descriptors.
  4. Select “Display” for Ad Type
  5. Select ad size
  6. Configure your tag as you normally would, adding a floor price, passback tag, etc.
  7. Under “OnScroll Options” select “Add OnScroll In-View Technology” – this will make sure your ad only serves an impression when it is at least 50% in view for greater than 1 second
  8. Select the amount of Viewable Engaged Time you want for this zone – the lower the better. This will allow your ad to reload a new creative (and serve another impression) after every 30 seconds – 1 minute of VET.
  9. Select “Sticky” if you want the unit to remain In-View as the user scrolls. This allows you to ensure your ads remain viewable during the entire reader session and generate multiple ad reloads based on VET.


Log in or sign up for Meridian now to make you first viewable VET ad tag!

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