Sovrn helps publishers grow their businesses on the web through our Meridian advertising and analytics platform. Our premium advertising for publishers is the easiest way to make more money from your website in no time.

Sovrn offers Display, Mobile, Video and Header Bidding advertising for publishers.

  • Display advertising High CPM, contextually relevant display ads you can install in your ad server or directly on your page
  • Mobile advertising Multiple options for mobile ads that preserve user experience and page load time
  • Video advertising Easy in stream video ads so you can capitalize on your video content
  • Header bidding Talk to your Account Manager if header bidding is right for your website

Why join the Sovrn Publisher Advertising Network?

  • Target CPMs based on where you want to add value to your chain
  • Maximize your website revenue with our real-time bidding technology
  • Diversify your revenue with display, mobile and video advertising solutions
  • Inform your decisions with powerful analytics on the Meridian platform
  • Integrate Sovrn tags into your current ad stack
  • Easily install your ad tags directly on page or in your ad server

See the Meridian Platform in Action


Let's grow your slice of the pie.

  • Space
    Publishers use the Meridian platform to create,
    manage and optimize their website ads.

“The Sovrn publisher platform, Meridian, is so user-friendly. The interface makes it easy to navigate my dashboard and keep track of my earnings. Their team is highly knowledgeable, supportive, and friendly; they are always quick to respond to my inquiries.” 

Sally McKenney, Sally’s Baking Addiction

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